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Together with you we want to revolutionize how
startups and SMBs approach their finances so that
they're well positioned to focus on the growth of their business.

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Our partnerships

IBWF Mittelstandsberater Logo

"Friday Finance changes the way companies can understand their financial data in order to make informed decisions based thereon.
This is exactly what we want to promote and then implement with our consulting expertise!”

Boje Dohrn, President of IBWF
Boje Dohrn, President of IBWF e.V.


IBWF e.V., the largest multidisciplinary network of SMB consultants in Germany, and works closely with Friday Finance to complement their service offerings for SMBs

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BVMW e.V. Bundesverband Logo

Together with the BVMW, Friday Finance supports SMBs from various industries and across their stages of development. From the hidden champion manufacturer to the tech entrepreneur, we cover a lot of ground with our partnership!


The “Bundesverband für mittelständische Wirtschaft” (Federal Association for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses - BVMW) is the association and political voice for German SMBs.

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Ostdeutscher Bankenverband Logo


Our close partner “ostdeutscher Bankenverband” (East German Banking Association - OstBV) connects a wide variety of financial institutions and provides them with ample opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss the future of providing financial services.

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Why partner with us?

Friday Finance looks for a diverse set of partners to forge mutually beneficial partnerships, always with the aim to provide our users and the partner’s members or customers with a better, more holistic service offering.

Consultancies and advisors

You help businesses with their financial setup and are always on the lookout for better solutions for your clients?

We'll gladly give you a tour of our application and discuss how we can assist you and serve the needs of your clients.


Your members are SMBs and/or startups and you want to become a more supportive, technological well-versed partner for them?

Let’s explore how we can support your members and how you can gain from it.

Financial institutions

Your daily mission is to provide top-notch financial services to business and are open to how Friday Finance can supplement and enhance your product portfolio?

Our doors are always open to choose the right place for our offering in your product ecosystem.

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