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Hello, efficiency. Monitor your live cash flow with straightforward visuals and filter options and forecasting that automatically adjust with new bills.

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Stylized panel of a cash flow chart and consolidated currency balances

Automate your forecasting

Spend more time acting on insights instead of gathering them. Turn your finance management from reactive, to proactive.

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Present reliable information to investors and colleagues at a moment’s notice, with beautiful charts that are updated in real-time.

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"Great real-time visibility and charts. I really liked the cash flow tab, forecasting and controlling functions."

Finance Director of Waylay

"Friday Finance has truly helped me stay on top of my cash flow and spending. I’ve gone from tracking each transaction on a spreadsheet, to everything being synced in seconds on my Friday Finance dashboard."

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Co-Founder of PostApex

“It saves time and that already helps us tremendously. No more 10 tools at once, but everything at a glance.”

Konstantin Ladwein
Managing Director of Fittaste

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